We are Scott and Kathryn (Leedom) Ives and we welcome you to our website. We are a relatively simple folk living out here in the upper Midwest and below are a couple things of interest to us.
Genealogy Scott's Music Al Leedom Glass & Pottery Wheetie World
Genealogy: We have been researching our family histories for a goodly amount of time and have placed most of that research into this site for family and extended family to view at their leisure. Scott’s Music: Scott is a guitarist (R&B, jazz, blues) in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. These pages include some information about him, and some audio and video clips of him in various ensembles. Al Leedom Glass & Pottery: Al is Kathryn’s brother who lives in Santa Fe NM and is a well known glass-blower and potter (and carpenter, and handy man, and ...). Wheetie World: A page dedicated to our pets, the pets of family and other critters. Of course there are other things “of interest to us” (we aren’t that simple), but that’s going to do it for here and now.
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